Westerby Group Anniversary Celebration 2017

August 8, 2017

Westerby Group have good cause to celebrate as both divisions of their business pass milestone anniversaries. The original arm to the business, Westerby Investment Management, reached an impressive 30 years in business whilst Westerby Trustee Services are celebrating their 20th anniversary. All aspects of the group continue to thrive, with significant growth in combined turnover (50{0fca033777e373607ddcdeb86038175488f5b7139e4f2fcba0d7b0f283367dac}+), profit (300{0fca033777e373607ddcdeb86038175488f5b7139e4f2fcba0d7b0f283367dac}+) and employee numbers (50{0fca033777e373607ddcdeb86038175488f5b7139e4f2fcba0d7b0f283367dac}+) over the last 3 years.

In the past three months, WTS have taken on a record number of new schemes. Both WTS and WIM’s growth are mostly driven by varying factors, with a mutual element being the company’s positive ethos and spirit. Where WIM’s business comes from mostly client referrals and professional connections, WTS’s comes from Independent Financial Advisers across the UK together with direct enquiries from an increasing number of High Net Worth/Sophisticated Investors.

Steve Harvey, Managing Director for Westerby Group, commented:

“I’ve been in the industry for 36 years and with Westerby Group for the past five. It’s a huge achievement to have grown so much in size over such a short space of time. Each and every year the company reinvents itself in light of current compliance, politics, economic conditions and industry trends. These constant challenges in the industry actually allow us to differentiate ourselves by staying ahead of the game, where we need to be.”

While the business isn’t looking to acquire competitors, they are looking to expand further, both in Leicester and are also considering developing a presence in London. Steve commented:

“I think our organic growth very much stems from the ethos and positivity of the team. We have a very flat management structure and working conditions are extremely flexible. We get offers once or twice a month to sell the businesses, but we’re not interested in that. We’re excited to build on 30 years and take Westerby Group on to the next era.”

With such an impressive history, Westerby Group can quite rightly positionthemselves as being the one of the leading independent financial advisers and bespoke pension providers in the East Midlands.

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