Westerby Investment Management offers a range of tax effective investment and savings solutions.

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Selecting the correct pension scheme, for you or for your employees can be complex and time consuming.

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This is an incredibly complex area requiring bespoke financial advice.

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General Tax Mitigation


General Tax Mitigation

When advising you on investment strategy, we consider the important consequences of taxation on future profits and tax relief opportunities.

We can advise you of ways to minimise taxation in all the areas where tax could normally be levied, including Income Tax, Capital Gains Tax, Corporation Tax and Inheritance Tax.

By ensuring the encashment of investments falls into different financial years, accounting years and company trading years, substantial amounts of tax can sometimes be saved or retrieved (tax mitigation).

Even apparently insignificant details like your birthday, date of retirement or even the date you left employment can have a major effect on the amount of tax you pay.

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General Tax MitigationGeneral Tax Mitigation


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